• On going exhibition /// BRETZ im Stilwerk Berlin

  • Marie Antoinette - 150x100cm - Limited Edition 15

  • Sophisticated Cat - 150x120cm - Ltd. Edition 1

  • Sinnestauschrausch - 210x140 cm - Ltd. Edition 20

  • The Ego´s Empire -- 150x120cm -- Ltd. Edition 20

  • Anna May Wong - 150x100cm - Limited Edition 30

  • Mary, Queen of Scots - 150x120cm - Ltd. Edition 5

“My images are my inner melody.”

What I create has nothing to do with reality. And it shouldn’t. I use fragments, elements and building blocks to create a parallel world where I can feel safe and accepted. Some like to call it escapist. An illusion even. And I’m OK with that.

I create images primarily to surprise myself. In the name of an adventure. To engage with the elements of an affair; to surrender myself passionately and ecstatically to the creation of something beautiful and unique. This is what inspires my soul to dance, makes me feel as if I’m in love and creates of the opportunity for something once unattainable to be experienced – and this should encourage engagement with the unexpected.

The composition of strains, sounds and vibrations reminds me of the depths of my inner soundscape. My images are my inner melody. Sometimes a piano, sometimes a powerful
baseline – sometimes both. The sounds become a colors cape which drive forth the birth of an artwork. The way I see it, I am playing with the controls of a mixing board, pushing and pushing and pushing forth a work of art.

This energy allows me to travel through my curiosity, fantasies and ecstasies. I seek the unexpected. And I don’t find it. But suddenly the motif takes the lead and accompanies me
through to the final mix. My “aesthetic pleasure” is satisfied, my heart filled and the blazing colors of the image are the sound in me – tangible.

Somehow a tragedy: Nothing is real. The eye sees in analog. The ear hears in analog. Words are analog. Desire is analog. Fantasy is analog and escapist; technology and emotional output are digital ... a contradiction in itself. But the voice in my heart leads me through the tunnel towards the light.

The world of augenlust

Personal POP-Art

Schnappt eure Fotos und lasst euch künstlerisch aus dem optischen Stillstand bewegen! Aus euren privaten Fotos kreiere ich spannende Popart-Welten, die eure bisherige Sichtweise in einen neuen Kontext setzen.

Limited Artworks

Wählt Euer „augenlust“ Werk von mehr als 100 Motiven. Durch die Vielzahl der verschiedenen Größen und Materialien findet jeder sein Bild passend zum Interieur und Budget.


Du brauchst noch einen Fotografen der für dich die passenden Bilder für dein POPArt-Meisterwerk schießt? Du willst ein Rundum-sorglos-Paket? Meine Arbeitsproben findest du hier.